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 To Rebirth or not Rebirth, that is the question.

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Axel the Red
Axel the Red

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PostSubject: To Rebirth or not Rebirth, that is the question.   Mon Jun 23, 2008 12:07 am

So I been away, sorry for having you all worry about meh... Yes, you were worrying about me... bitches...

Anyway it's obvious that RebirthRO is shit. It's no point in any one going there... So I propose the following.


Now if you don't know what HeRO is, it's a private server that has no donation items and actually has personal quest created to getting cool wings and hats with special abilities. In a nutshell it creates a fair balance combined with a Low Rate atmosphere. I know Pride Guild is going over there, and if we all go together, we can probably forum a large guild off the jump and level with each other, as well as work hard. HeRO is still fairly younger than the other servers which means with everyones skills from Rebirth, we can create our makes and legends there.

There is a thing called Trial of Heros there which Im not TOO SURE how it works, but it looks like a Hero Point system that people can take part in after accomplishing quests and levels and what not. The Server Rewards hard work. If that's not good enough, then it also has a special Mining and Fishing feature within it that allows everyone to mine for ores or get fish that can heal HP and SP. As well it has an Orphanage that allows people to go into Baby Characters with special bonuses and without the parents.

Personally I want to go here. It's perfect in fluid and balance and we can all succeed there easily. So there you have it.


Warring for Peace is like Whoring for your Virginity
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PostSubject: Re: To Rebirth or not Rebirth, that is the question.   Mon Jun 23, 2008 8:43 am

wow sounds interesting =o

I think i'll give it a shot, and wow this might be my 7th server i went to this year and my 8th total server since i started last sept xD
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To Rebirth or not Rebirth, that is the question.
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